356 Days of Marching

The Amadou Diallo Story.


Film Synopsis

“365 Days of Marching” – The Amadou Diallo Story, WRITTEN, PRODUCED & DIRECTED by Veronica Keitt, recounts the bitter and yet compelling story of Amadou Diallo, young African Immigrant who was shot 41 times by 4 NYC Police Officers.  This film documents the series of marches and protests that was set into motion following his death.  It’s a story that’s told through the eyes of the marchers —the people who answered the call for justice for Diallo—while exploring the history of the New York City Police Department, police – community relations and how Diallo’s death galvanized a city to fight for justice—not only for Diallo, but for all injustices.

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365 Days of Marching 

“We Own The Night”

365 Days of Marching 


365 Days of Marching – The Amadou Diallo Story

Movie Trailer

No Justice! No Peace!

Hundreds of protestors rally in front of Amadou Diallo’s House following the shooting.

Remember The Movement

Amadou Diallo’s death galvanized a city to fight for justice—not only for Diallo, but for all injustices plaguing New Yorker’s during that time. Along the side Rev. Al Sharpton of the National Action Network, stood activist, politicians, students, professors, unions and laborers who all shouted “No Justice No Peace!” charging the NYPD with police brutality. Over a 13 week period more the 1200 people submitted themselves for arrest at 1 Police Plaza. Some of the participants included David Dinkins, the former mayor of New York City, Governor David Paterson, who was then state senator, Rev Jessie Jackson, US Congressmen Charles Rangel, Assemblyman Keith Wright, Councilman Charles Barron, Percy Sutton—Inner City Broadcast, Norman Siegel—ACLU. Diallo’s death became a symbol for justice on all fronts and forever changed America.

-Veronica Keitt-Director/Writer/Editor

Special Appearances

Kadiatou Diallo

Mother of Amadou Diallo

Assemblyman Charles Barron

NYS Assemblyman, Brooklyn, NY

Bruce Green/Milton Walters

Activist/Journalist, Brooklyn, NY

Percy Sutton

Inner City Broadcasting, Harlem NY

Graham Witherspoon

Former Police Detective

Hon Mayor David Dinkins

Former Mayor of New York City

Timothy Ford


David Paterson

Former Governor of New York State

Ruben Diaz

New York State Assemblyman, Bronx NY

Rev Herbert Daughtry

Brooklyn, NY

Sieko Diallo

Father of Amadou Diallo

Percy Sutton

Civil Rights Activist

“The Artist” Robert Lederman

Artist Activist

Ozzie Thompson

Former Police Officer

Rev Al Sharpton

National Action Network

Congressmen Charles Rangel

US Congressman, Harlem, NY

Basil Paterson

Civil Rights Activist

Rosa Clemente

Community/Hip-Hop Activist- Journalist

Assemblyman Keith Wright

NYS Assemblyman, Harlem NY

Remember The Movement!

“365 Days Of Marching”

The Amadou Diallo Story

Limited Engagement

February 4 – 7 2021


Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture

Premiere, 2008

Maysles Cinema

2010, Harlem, NY

York College

Queens New York

Black Panther Film Festival

Harlem NY

The People’s Film Festival

2021, Virtual Festival

Bronx Community College

Diallo Foundation/ BSU

Reel Sisters Film Festival

2008, Brooklyn, NY

Black Lives Matter/ Police Brutality – The Continued Injustice

Harlem State Office Bldg, NY